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Time to change your mind

RAYPATH Ecoclean

Environmentally friendly. Friendly. Effective.

Up to 70% cost savings

With RAYPATH Ecoclean you can save up to 70% of costs compared to chemistry

Prevention and relief from allergies

Eliminating irritant chemistry also eliminates the risk of allergies


Nature, health and environment friendly

Time saving

Raypath cleans faster and more efficiently

Safe for children

With raypath you can safely clean even in the presence of children.

Only clean water and nothing more

Clean your home ecologically without a drop of chemistry.
Effective, scientifically based cleaning and care of all surfaces in the home
in harmony with nature and our health

Ecological household,
that you want

At first glance, ecological household cleaning may seem like a modern trend.
In practice, however, it is not a marketing move or a general cliché. These are the reasons that will lead us to change our thinking.
Cleaning with pure water is a big change from the usual techniques.
We hear hundreds of stories from our clients that have led them to Raypath Ecoclean products and how they see this change over time.

Complete care

Take care of yourself, pets and the environment in which you live effortlessly and in harmony with nature.

Primár Pneumo-Alergo centra v Bratislave

MUDr.Branislav Drugda recommend

“Prolonged exposure to chemicals or aggressive perfumes can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms”
MD. Branislav Drugda
Specialist with attestation in pneumology and phthisiology. Co-founder of the Center for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis in Adults and the Center for Pre- and Post-Transplant Care for Patients Enrolled in the Lung Transplant Program.

He currently works as a specialist in the Pneumo – Allergo Center in Bratislava.


Take your first step towards a healthy and environmentally friendly home without increasing costs